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Ein Zuhause ist mehr, als vier Wände und ein Dach über dem Kopf. Also gibt es bei mir Anregungen, um Wohnräume und Arbeitsplätze zu optimieren. Life Coaching mit Grundriss krönt das Ganze wie die Kirsche das Sahnehäubchen. Hier schreibe ich über das, was ich beruflich und mit wachsender Begeisterung tue: stimmige Einrichtungskonzepte mit energetischer Unterstützung kombinieren. Für Menschen, die ein sinnerfülltes Leben leben und sich dabei entwickeln wollen, die innere und äußere Freiräume schätzen und die an ihr Potenzial glauben. Für Menschen, die jetzt und auf dieser Erde zum Wohle des Ganzen wirken wollen. Meine Werkzeuge sind Feng Shui, Geomantie, chinesische Astrologie und systemische Beratung. Mehr unter

The Entrance, a warm welcome? A written gift for my English speaking followers

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Over time I’ve gotten quite some English speaking followers. Thank you all a lot and as a little gift: This one is especially for you. Find some easy tips on how to have good Feng Shui already at the entrance.

(Als kleines Dankeschön für die wachsende Zahl meiner nicht deutsch sprechenden Follower gibt es heute einen englischen Text. Das deutsche Equivalent gibt es hier Der Eingang. Herzlich willkommen?)


Good Feng Shui shows already in the Entrance

The entrance area can be as different as the people who actually live in a house. In Feng Shui, the importance of the entrance area attributes a special importance as it is the link between the outside world and the private one. The entrance shows exactly how you greet the world and in addition to that, it affects both mood and thoughts, whether you are coming or going.

The front door itself creates a vivid energy when entering the house and provides all rooms with a vital life force. An open and friendly landscaped entrance invites great opportunity, a beneficial experience and helpful people.

Those living in a house are the ones who ultimately decide how the entrance creates an effect. It is always beneficial if the house is easy to find from the road and even a side entrance can be marked with lights or plants leading to the house. The door is important, so choose an appealing color and ensure that the door is easy to open. A door that is jammed and difficult to open are indications that something is stuck in your life, or that there are obstacles that need to be overcome.

A meandering path to the entrance can ensure that the energy is in abundance when entering the house. If you like, frame the entrance with flowers or door guards and exhibit good opportunities in a friendly way.

In an apartment building, it is very much worthwhile to have an influence on the state of the communal entrance and staircase, as after all they will both affect your well-being and interaction within the building. Of course, your own front door you can easily add a personal touch such as adding a wreath to activate protection, an appealing doormat to assign a vitality Qi into your rooms and also a clear name badge to show the ownership you have at the residential premises. Shoe’s shouldn’t be put in front of the door as nobody, including yourself wants to see the sight of worn shoes before even entering the apartment. Shut off furniture in the hallway is a prime sign that the apartment is too small and it is time to move or an urgent tidying process should be undertaken in order to clear space.

The entrance of the business has a major impact on how the business is actually running. The entrance especially, should have a warm and welcoming feel in order to ensure both customers and employees feel comfortable when entering. A comfortable entrance area shows that you can be trusted and makes customers feel safe.

My tip: Create your entrance to a high standard to give yourself the feeling of a WARM WELCOME. Your guests and customers will be appreciative and certainly long wished for opportunities will find the way in to bless its inhabitants.


2 Kommentare zu “The Entrance, a warm welcome? A written gift for my English speaking followers

  1. Thank you for posting this one in English. I always enjoy your photographs and illustrations, even if I don’t understand the language. 🙂

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